ETA HACK VR 333 – 500 kW moving – grate boiler

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A. Extremely energy-efficient draught fan. Underpressure – regulated, speed input to highly energy – efficient motor.


 B. Separately regulated flue gas recirculation. Combustion chamber temperature regulation for reduced component wear. Stable temperature range with changing fuels.


 C. Patented one-chamber rotary valve. Maximum protection against burn-back, contact-free material transport with rotary valve stop, hardened blade and counter-blade for cutting oversized pieces, driven jointly with the stoker screw.

 D.1. – Primary air and D.2. – secondary air. Sophisticated combustion air flow, primary and secondary air flow is pre-warmed, cooling the boiler’s outer wall, minimising radiation losses and increasing the efficiency of the entire system. 


 E. Combustion chamber with moving grate. Multi-layered temperature-resistant construction, continual firebed stoking and ash removal, water-cooled grate side rails, jointly driven grate and ash rake.


 F. Progressive screw. Progressive stoker screw and special trought geometry for low wear and high reliability. 


 G. Vertical pipe heat exchanger. Automatic cleaning for high efficiency, integrated multicyclone increases the efficiency compared with external units, pivotable flue tube connection D=300 mm.


 H. Touch control unit with microprocessor control. Entire control unit directly on the boiler and prewired, touch control unit with graphical menu navigation via touchscreen, visualisation and remote maintenance using communications platform via Internet including e-mail notification system, partner network and software update via USB port, can be instaled in 4 different positions. 


 I. Automatic, complete ash removal*. Ash from grate and cyclone is combined, shaftless inclined screw with temperature monitoring, disposal flap with sealing flange (on external container) or 2 rubbish bins with 110 l ash volume, long handling intervals, flexible disposal options. *Ash disposal from the boiler is configurable on an individual basis and thus not in the boiler’s standard scope of delivery. 


J. Lambda and combustion chamber temperature regulation. Minimal emissions at maximum efficiency, automatic adjustment to fuel quality.