ETA SH-P with TWIN 20/20 kW and 30/26 kW – Heating with logs and pellets – Heating with logs and pellets


  • Large fuel chamber (1/2 m logs) with fume suction
  • Wood gasification boiler with speed controlled draught fan (76 W only) for operation independent from chimney draught
  • Pellets burner with rotary grate in a hot stainless steel retort with automatic cleaning
  • Insulated glow zone chamber (patent)
  • Lambda control
  • Speed controlled accumulator tank pump with power output management (feat. 3 sensors)
  • Automatic switch-over from logs to pellets and the other way round, without any manual changes
  • Easy de-ashing from the front, automatic heat exchanger cleaning
  • Return riser with mixing valve
  • Burn back protection with rotary valve
  • Automatic ignition of the pellets
  • Hopper for Pellets (60 kg) included
  • Vaccum turbine for automatic pellets transport from the storage room
  • At the approval test by the TÜV South Germany, the ETA SH with lowest emissions and highest efficiency levels qualified itself clearly as one of the best boilers in its class.


 ETA TWIN 20 and 26 kW sectional view:


  1) Vacuum turbine for Pellets transportation

  2) Mechanical overfill protection

  3) Seperated pellets combustion chamber

  4) Large fuel chamber for logs

  5) Connection to log boiler

  A) Hopper for pellets

  B) Heat exchanger cleaning

  C) Rotary Valve

  D) Self cleaning, patented rotary grate

  E) Automatic de-ashing

  F) Automatic ignition