Wood gasification boiler ETA SH 20 to 60 kW – Simply put on some more wood without match


  • Wood gasification boiler with speed controlled draught fan (76 W only) for operation independent from chimney draught
  • Large fuel chamber (150 liter for 20 and 30kW, 225 liter for 40, 50 and 60 kW)
  • Insulated glow zone chamber (patent)
  • Lambda control and regulated primary and secondary air valves
  • Complete control system for your heating system with 5,7″ touchscreen, buffer management, hot water heating (tank or fresh water), weather-based heating circuit control with weekly programme for two circuits
  • Output control with 3 buffer tank sensors for best stratification in the buffer tank
  • Easy ash removal from the front, semi-automatic heat exchanger cleaning with lever on the right or left hand side
  • Controlled return riser with mixing valve



 ETA SH 20-60 kW sectional view:


  1) Large fuel chamber
  2) Carbonisation gas extraction
  3) Ignition without matches
  4) Ignition door
  5) Easy ash removal
  6) Primary and secondary air valve actuator
  7) Insulated door
  8) 5.7″ touchscreen
  9) Exhaus temperature sensor
  10) Delivery condition

  A) Reliable underpressure with draught fan
  B) Heat exchanger cleaning
  C) Lambda probe
  D) A complete control system for your heating system
  E) Patented glow zone combustion chamber