Pellets Boiler ETA PE-K 70 to 90 kW – solid technology for higher heating loads


  • Tilting grate
  • Ceramic-lined retort
  • Speed controlled draught ventilator for operation independent from chimney draught
  • Lambda control with automatic fuel recognition
  • Automatic ignition
  • Automatic ash disposal system
  • Complete control including hot water tank management and heating boost controlled by outside temperature integrated in the boiler
  • Operation via Touch-Screen 

 ETA PE-K 35 to 90 kW sectional view:


  1) Tilting grate
  2) Secondary air valve actuator
  3) Hot, ceramic-lined combustion chamber
  4) Overfill protection
  5) Secondary combustion chamber
  6) ash discharge screw for gate
  7) Heat exchanger ash discharge screw
  8) Control unit
  9) Control panel on front door
  10) Isolation door

  A) Pellet bin
  B) Rotary valve for safety
  C) Ash removal into a detachable ash box