Wood chip boiler ETA HACK 20 to 200 kW – new benchmark for safe fuel conveyance! 


  • Wood chip boiler with tilting grate in Ceramic-lined retort
  • Speed controlled draught ventilator for operation independent from chimney draught
  • Automatic ignition
  • Automatic ash disposal system
  • Lambda control with automatic fuel recognition
  • Complete control including hot water tank management and outside temperature controlled heating circuit integrated in the boiler.
  • Wood chip conveyor system with proven floor agitator up to six meters in diameter
  • shortest assembly times through modular system, pre-wired and ready to use




ETA Hack 20-200 kW sectional view



   1) Fuel conveyor

   2) Progressive screws

   3) Free-running hub

   4) Removable cover

   5) ‘Building block’ system

   6) Universal joint

   7) Spur gear motors

   8) Primary and
   9) Secondary air flap motors

   10) Heat exchanger

   11-12) control panel